Monday, October 27, 2014


Oh hey reader what's up. It's a Monday and I'm on my period, so naturally I started off my day listening to Drake in the shower, and now I have what probably everyone/ most people would refer to as SUPER FEELINGS. I categorize SUPER FEELINGS as feelings that have managed to transcend the binary of positive and negative feelings. They exist nowhere on any spectrum. They create and destroy at random. They are their own masters. They possess whoever they want to at will, for they are infinite, for they are, SUPER FEELINGS.

As far as concrete activity goes, SUPER FEELINGS can involve, but are not limited to~*~

~*~fist-pumping to slow pop music in the early hours of the morning~*~
~*~eating an apple and trying to ENJOY, EVERY,  BITE~*~
~*~noticing your daily existential crisis rising from the depths of your womb and SINGING IT BACK INTO SUBMISSION~*~
~*~brushing your hair with unprecedented fervor as you bare your teeth at yourself in the mirror~*~
~*~it's so cold in here, does it feel cold to anybody else? You put on another jacket!!!!!!~*~
~*~asking your girlfriend 7 times if she's okay, simultaneously believing her and not believing her every time~*~
~*~getting fully dressed then curling into a ball under your blankets to fully embrace the blast from your SUPER FEELINGS~*~
~*~walking around the city whisper-singing along to the My Chemical Romance song that just came on shuffle, then feeling silly and changing it to Purity Ring, then changing it back to My Chemical Romance because NO!! FUCK IT!! SUPER FEELINGS!! YOUTH!! ~*~
~*~excitedly ripping open a bag of kale (you've never bought kale before, until yesterday! SUPER FEELINGS!!), eating a bunch of it raw, getting some of it in your hair, THEN THE SOUNDTRACK TO THE MUSICAL HAIR COMES ON SHUFFLE SO YOU SHAKE THE KALE OUT OF YOUR HAIR IN A HIGHLY RHYTHMIC FASHION~*~
~*~hyper-analyzing your need to broadcast when you're on your period, is it promoting my visibility as a woman? Do I stand with my fellow females? AM I NOW PART OF THE COMMUNITY??~*~
~*~suddenly realizing you need to listen to Drake and My Chemical Romance a lot more, all the time, because you have so many, so uncontrollable, so fashionable, you're practically pregnant with


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~SUPER. FEELINGS. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

WARNING: SUPER FEELINGS are not a toy. Rather they are a divine energy to be respected and utilized responsibly. Those under the influence of active SUPER FEELINGS should spend as much time alone as possible, refrain from making any major life decisions, as well as refraining from posting any observations of the aforementioned SUPER FEELINGS on the Internet aka one SUPER public sphere. We warn this for your social life's sake, reader, because SUPER FEELINGS are known to be chaotic and unpredic--

Oh hello. 




*Credit for the art to the sadistic Andrew Hussie*

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

At least, I think I am.

Hi reader. Readers? I know it's been a long time. I also know whether or not I post on a blog is really here nor there to anyone but me, but there's something comforting in saying, "I know, I know it's been a long time," as if in response to someone chiding, in trademark Jewish grandmother voice, "YOU NEVER CAWL ME." I guess what drove me to write this is the universal desire to want to be called on.

Recently, this desire to be called on has manifested in an almost complete withdrawal from my social life. I have burrowed deep into the recesses of my living room couch, my girlfriend's apartment, and any nearby park that poses no threat of becoming overly populated. Sounds logical, doesn't it?

Whenever someone does recall my existence, and reaches out to me somehow, "How have you been? What have you been up to?" my first instinct is to withhold information. If pressed, I'll tell them, "I think I'm going through some stuff right now," and for the most part, will leave it at that.

That specific order of words has been my go-to for the last month. "I think I'm going through some stuff right now."

Q: You THINK you're going through some stuff right now? How is that a thing you don't KNOW?
A: A question that plagues this entire universe, to be sure. The only way I can think to explain it is that when so much of what ails you lives in your head, and is otherwise invisible to the people around you, the only reliable way to make those problems tangible and capable of confronting is to spell it out yourself. In short, you have to talk. If you don't tell the story of what's happening in your head, you're doomed to a constant second-guessing of your own reality. How are you supposed to know if what you're feeling or thinking is real without evidence?

I recognize this line of thinking is a result of past psychological damage, stemming largely from being super gay forever and not telling anyone about it, attempting to CRUSH IT WITH MENTAL BRAIN FIRE so that the problem would go away. I guess old habits lie with sleeping dogs, eh?

So, we have to proceed with the knowledge that some wires are crossed. I can't approach the mess of my brain without bringing it into the external world somehow. I have to talk.

Q: So why don't you... talk?
A: There is something fundamentally unfathomable to me (and please, speak up if this is true for you too) about the idea of reaching out to a friend, completely unprompted, and offering up a, "Hey, could we hang out sometime? I'm going through some stuff right now (in fact I KNOW I am) and could really use a buddy, because I'm not sure what else to do." I am notorious for refusing to actively make plans with any of my friends, even if I really want to, due to severe social anxiety that most people understand on a surface level, a quirk they can point out and laugh about with me, but couldn't realize how deeply it affects every aspect of my life. In college, people are busy-- at least my friends are. They're busy and they're going through shit, too, and if they need to talk they can keep it to a paragraph's minimum and end with a sunny closing line like, "but I'm sure everything will work out" or "whatever, I don't really care." They know we all have our own burdens, and they know we don't really have the time or tools to actually help someone else directly, to be wholly honest. It's your battle, so, I love you, but fight it. Completely fair, in my book.

And it seems silly to me, to be like, Yeah, I totally want to hang out, grab a beer! when all I can give anyone right now is this flat-line, zombie-soul outer shell, acting pleasantly to appease, and honor social obligations, when internally I'm freaking the fuck out, have had an underlying nightmare that rises and falls based on my various skills in repression, and you're just sitting there, like, how's work going these days? I can't do it. It's not fair. I think I'm going through some stuff right now, and I don't want to bury you in the details, because it's my fight. I know I need to talk, but it's probably not to you.

It's probably not to any person. I've been listening to Perfume Genius's new album, Too Bright, and one of the last lines on the album is some variation of, "I don't need you to understand. I need you to listen." And that's the best explanation I have for why I don't want to see anybody right now, and also for why I write. Specifically, why I wrote this.

May this serve as my official statement as to why I may not say hi to you around campus/on the street, why I keep saying I can't hang out, why I seem like a dead dude. I know nobody cares, but when I post stuff in a public forum, I know it's real, because I see that people read it, and that makes it feel real to me. Does that make sense?

But there's this persisting desire to want to be called on, as I mentioned before. There's this little hope that the right person saying the right words at the right time could set me free somehow, or at least for a while. I know I've watched too many movies. It's just been a long time.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I, Lesbian.

My name is Emma Delsohn and I am just here to remind you that I am still a LESBIAN. LESBIANNNN, YAYYYYY.

I have this one friend who every time he sees me/every time I reference something related to my lesbianism, he asks me, in all mock-seriousness, "Woah, Emma, wait.... You're a lesbian?"

I think it's his most solid joke. I do talk about my gayness a lot. I can do what some people would call 'wax poetic' on what I find so attractive about women, but I won't call it that because the phrase 'wax poetic' needs to die in the same hole I'm working to slowly push homophobia into.

Q: Don't you realize that EVERYBODY GETS IT? YOU'RE GAY, we all figured it out in high school when you started spamming all of our social media feeds with romantic and/or angsty posts about how much you loved the various women in your life. We've seen the obnoxious cutesy lesbian nightmare that is your Instagram, and we saw you on the street last night wearing that bow tie and vest. Why do you keep telling us something we already know?

A: I know that I've done a good job of making sure almost every person I've met understands that I am primarily attracted to women. The continued blabbing's purpose is twofold--

1. If someone I don't know meets me for the first time, or stumbles upon one of my various social media platforms, and sticks around to talk to me/lurk my Twitter because they see something they like, it is imperative that that person know I identify as the L in LGBTQA. If there is another person out there that identifies with something that I identify with, a tentative but honest bond is created between me and that person. Depending on how this new person feels about LGBTQA rights, I am either reinforcing for them that our community has people who care and have thoughts about cool/interesting/human things, or I am changing someone's mind-- I'm showing that person that the imagined boundaries between a straight person and a queer person are, in fact, imaginary. We deserve the same rights as you. We both watched BoJack Horseman. We both rooted for the drugged-out, asshole half-horse, half-man, in spite of his narcissism and refusal to learn from his mistakes. We rooted, in spite of it all.

2. If someone I do know already is reminded that I am a lesbian, they may be prompted to think, Why the hell is she still talking about this? I'm here to say it clearly, if I haven't already before-- Claiming the term 'lesbian' as my own aligns me with a movement. I stand with all the women who love women, who want to love women openly and honestly without fear of discrimination or violence. On a grander scale, I stand for people unafraid to own their sexuality for whatever it is, who refuse to perpetuate a world where who you love regularly results in unfair treatment. I want everyone I know to remember that there is still a fight, and I'm a part of it. Not a fight against people, but a fight against a harmful idea. With honest discussion and representation, I believe we can expose this idea as weak and fraudulent, and inspire acceptance and celebration in those who once persecuted us. I want to hold all people to a higher standard of basic respect, and I don't believe that standard is out of reach.

Little known secret of the overly confident lesbian icon Emma Delsohn: When I walk around on the street, holding hands with my girlfriend, there is always one part of my brain that is trained on my immediate vicinity. I do not lose track of the people in a 20 foot radius, and it is because I have been afraid. I have been harassed and followed home by men who explicitly expressed they were doing it because I was a lesbian. I've been yelled at, cat-called, flipped off, and laughed at, for walking around in public holding hands with someone I'm dating. This started happening when I was 16 years old. We aren't having sex in the street or being otherwise sexually deviant-- my hand is holding onto her hand. The hand holding, is the big event.

The worst part about these run-ins are the hours afterward, where I think about any other queer person who may be with their partner and may run into the same dude(s) I just ran into. Or worse, worse dudes. And then I think about all the harassing that turns into physical violence. It's still not abnormal for LGBTQA people to be hurt, emotionally and physically, for an innocent expression of sexuality.

I believe that, for lesbians everywhere, this is the best time to be alive. Gay marriage is getting legalized in more places, Don't Ask Don't Tell is not a thing, suspenders are kind of in. But it's the best time to be alive because we have to compare it to all the bullshit times we had to go through to get here. There is still violence, there is still discrimination, there is still fear in our community, and so we can not stop talking about this. One way I try to combat hatred and oppression is to represent the lesbian community as positively as I can-- I'm generally kind and thoughtful, I work hard in school, I'm a good employee, I listen to my friends and family when they want to talk, and I take care of my girlfriend to the best of my ability. I am a lesbian, and my life matters as much as yours do. I, too, enjoy Netflix.

In closing, I wanted to say happy Celebrate Bisexuality Day! As a human being with thoughts and feelings, it is important to me that the bisexual community is also recognized as an equally important part of the LGBTQA community, and that the LGBTQA community is recognized as an equally important part of the global community. Many  straight, lesbian, and gay people do not adequately understand or appreciate bisexuality due to misinformation about what bisexuality means, or because of their own insecurities about sexual fluidity. Why don't you spend some time today clicking around on to learn more about bisexuality, so you can celebrate more intelligently? I sure do like to celebrate on any occasion, but there's nothing better than celebrating intelligently.

I meant to be funnier in this post but I ended up going too sentimental. I'll get there, reader. Anyway. I'm a lesbian! Happy Celebrate Bisexuality Day! Here is music!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I GET IDEAS! (A Half-Manic Account of One Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

I accidentally wake up at 6 in the morning and the voices have already started

(WHAT DRAMA! INTRIGUE! They aren't voices. Voices are too tangible, too present-- I don't feel forced or encouraged to act in any which way. They are fragments of phrases, barely, wisps of feelings almost making it into sentences, to be forgotten immediately, like strands of light (darkness?) that appear and reappear at will).

I'm at first only vaguely aware of their buzzing, but I start to identify key phrases. First I'm really mad at myself for not being able to fall asleep. Then I remember I have some pineapple in the fridge.

"Fuck you, did you really just Google how long pineapple lasts? The sun isn't even out. The Internet is destroying your brain. You shouldn't be allowed to have an iPhone because you have no self-control and now your attention span has gone to shit and you will never create anything of value. Start making a To-Do list for the rest of the week and do it NOW."

Of course, this isn't what it sounds like in my head as the thoughts are actually happening. They are just brief, incomplete word combinations, if anything-- "fuck you," "destroying your brain," "attention span has gone to shit." Only after I have allowed the feelings and non-words to pass through me entirely can I relocate them later via angsty blog post.

It takes me a second to become aware of these thoughts, even though I'll realize in a few minutes that all my physical discomfort only needed a moment of quiet to manifest that way-- a moment without stimulation from the iEscapeMyself. I wake up and I'm sleep deprived and I haven't eaten and my tonsils are swollen, one of the rarer power-combos, so my brain starts in on the attack.

I understand that in most people, the thoughts that direct you to eat, sleep, or take an Advil are not harrowing she or he-beasts beating down mercilessly on the soft baby's head of your emotional health, but in my case, every minute that I am not keeping myself to an almost perfect standard of health becomes a minute I am ushering in my own premature death, a minute I should probably start making arrangements for my funeral so my family doesn't have to because after 6 hours of sleep I took an Advil on an empty stomach and on Sunday I went drinking and soon my liver is going to shut down completely due to my lack of restraint also that one study says that animal by-products cause cancer and I have two different pints of ice cream in my freezer.

And so I stay up late, or wake up early, because I can't fall or stay asleep. I have to pee a lot, almost once an hour-- I have a constant fear of getting a UTI, something I have never gotten but understand happens when you have to pee but refuse your body the opportunity. Even more than that, I have a fear of peeing my pants in a public (or private, I guess?) situation, because once you feel like you have to pee who knows when that line is crossed, the line between, I Feel Like I Have To Pee, and Here I Am Now, Peeing?

Of course, the awful irony of this is that on any given day, I'm lethargic and unmotivated, which is a little funny because I consider myself an ambitious person, I have big dreams and yada yada yada art changes hearts and minds make laws and peace on Earth and lesbians forever blah blah blah. Most importantly, feeling lethargic and unmotivated makes it nearly impossible for me to do the two things that would almost surely 100% help tremendously with all these problems.

A1. Exercise more.
A2. See a therapist.

Let's get this part over with.

It is a terrible and confusing feeling, to consider yourself a relatively conscientious and informed person, to spend a little part of every day reflecting on your own privilege, trying to identify your blind spots, and still not find a method of forcing yourself out of bed sometimes, to appreciate the life you've been given and take steps to keep yourself healthy, so that you may better serve as many communities, yours or otherwise, that you can reach. I am overly fortunate-- my friends and family are supportive and make me feel smarter, I go to a great college, I live in one of the most popular cities in America with miraculously affordable rent, and I'm dating a girl with a lot of freckles who wears dresses LITERALLY EVERY DAY. I should be shouting on a daily basis with enthusiasm for my existence. I should be leaping from rooftop to rooftop, fully embracing this tiny body that has received so many good things in its short lifespan already, and figuring out about 10,000 ways to give those good things back.

Instead, I'm exhausted by the thought of sitting up in bed to read, and I'm in bed at 4 o'clock on a Monday.


Easier still! SEEING A THERAPIST. WE ASSURE YOU, NO RUNNING INVOLVED! Just *use the phone like a normal human being* to inquire about a therapist. Tip: the person you are calling's job, THE WAY THEY MAKE THEIR LIVING, includes answering your phone call and your questions. If you don't make use of their services, their family doesn't eat. By not going to see a therapist when you REALLY CLEARLY NEED ONE, you are robbing both yourself and your would-be therapist of a little more mental health. And God knows you're both short on mental health if you're going to therapy, AS THAT IS THE POINT.

Probably the funniest thing (and I'm not making this up, this is a real symptom I've had for almost year now that has particularly started to flare up in the last 6 months) that happens to me now related to my anxiety is what I would imagine most people would identify as the beginning of a panic attack. I regularly have what feels like the beginning of a panic attack, approximately every other night before I fall asleep-- my heart starts to race, I think I'm going to have a heart attack, and so on. Only, I don't finish the panic attack trajectory-- very rarely do I end up launching into a full-fledged panic attack. What usually happens is that I start to panic, the feeling steadies and lasts for a few minutes, then starts to deteriorate on its own. Usually there is an aftershock, which can either be more or less easy to manage, depending on my brain's ability to not suck that day. Whenever my anxiety does take over, and I have a complete panic attack, at least there's a latent sense of catharsis due to the physical exhaustion that comes after shaking up your psyche that much.

Anyway. The conclusion that we all are forced to draw? I'm so unmotivated and unfocused that I can't even finish a panic attack.

So, panic attack feels like the wrong word. Maybe even, "I think I'm going to have a heart attack" are the wrong words, because I'm generally uneducated about what it feels like to have a heart attack, so let's keep it simple and phrase it as "sometimes I remember that I am breathing and then I think about how delicate breathing is, like the entire breathing process, and then I get upset about the fact that I could stop breathing at any moment because what does that even feel like? and then my heartbeat spikes to epic proportions and I have to self-soothe by taking a fish oil supplement."

I used to think that if I ate healthy, got a regular amount of sleep, found closure in all my unstable relationships and generally strove to be my best self, to help others feel what they wanted to feel and to accomplish my individual goals, the anxious energy in me would shrink down until I could no longer feel it, just for one day, even, just for one full day. But there has not been a day I can remember where I did not lose at least one hour to anxiety. And we only have a finite number of hours, people. Worlds can change in an hour.

Q: Do you recognize that it's the anxiety about living well itself that most likely affects your health in a negative way, that keeps you from achieving more? Do you realize that if you just stopped worrying, you'd have a significantly better chance at reaching all the dreams you've just laid out for me?


(This post does not account for all the progress I've made-- compared to where I was in middle school, or even high school, I'm the chillest person ever. G.A.D. is a lifelong battle and I'm looking forward to seeing how it all works out. Remember that emotional and physical health is the best thing you can do for your brain--and, talking about what's going on inside it. I don't know how to talk, so I have a blog).

(Please do remember that this is my individual experience with G.A.D. and I do not speak for anyone else here. G.A.D. manifests in a ton of ways. Also I'm 21 years old I don't really know what's going on ever).

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Normal Day.

The day for me starts at night. 3 in the morning. Breath. Breath. Breath. Feel your heartbeat for a second. Don’t feel it. Breath. Breath. Breath. The curtain that is my fourth wall (no, really, I live in half of a living room, I use a curtain as a wall) is lit up slightly by the natural light streaming in through the window. The darkness outside is not nearly as strong as the darkness in here. I live in a basement of a house, I remember. Breath. Breath. Not my house. Five men live above me. They blast Father John Misty or they practice with their band. I reach over for the water I have prepared for myself. The glass is sitting on a little stool the last tenants left here, I now use it as a night stand. I take a sip of water, but not too much because I know I need to drink water when I first wake up in the morning, because I will have been asleep for almost 6 hours and will therefore feel very dehydrated. Sip. Swallow. Breath. Breath. Breath. Breath Breath Breath Breath Breath. What if I don’t wake up? What if tonight’s the night my heart stops? What does a heart attack actually feel like? Will dying hurt or will it—

At some point, I fall asleep.

I wake up to my alarm, it’s violent, but my bed is so soft. This is the best part of my day—for a few seconds, I don’t have any thoughts. I am hardly conscious at all. The sun is up and the light is streaming through the window and I can see the design on the curtain. After this thought, I accept that I have started having thoughts again. Another day of thinking has begun. I reach over and grab the glass to take a sip of water. Sip. Swallow. Breath. Breath. I shove my face into the pillow. Breath. Breath. What time is it? I have work. Breath. Breath. Do I need to shower? What am I going to wear? Breath. Carly said I can dress comfortable. I have jeans somewhere on the floor that are relatively clean and a nice shirt in my plastic drawers that I use as a dresser. Breath. I finish the water and think about food. The last thing I ate was macaroni you put in the microwave. I need to eat something that is less likely to give me cancer. Breath. Breath. How do you know when you have cancer? Breath. Breath.

Something I don’t understand gets me up and walking around my room, bending over and picking up clothes from the floor, moving smoothly to the kitchen. I reach into the box of granola cereal and stuff two handfuls into my mouth. Not enough. I’ll have to eat more. I have to wash my face.

I go to the bathroom and stare at myself. My acne does seem to be getting better. Arica says it takes 28 days to make a habit. I have been washing my face regularly for 25 days. 28 days to make a habit, though. I see a new one forming on my chin, right in the center. I wash my face with the exfoliating scrub and then cake on the adult acne medication, the brown stuff that dries your skin out. It reminds me of the girls I went to high school with who used to cover their face in foundation and you could see it flaking off throughout the day, making their cheeks and noses and foreheads look all grainy. I don’t care if this is what I look like. I want my acne to go away. I am an adult and adults should not have acne. I brush my teeth. A girl at work told me that if you don’t floss you lose three years off your life, because plaque reaches the heart and builds there and causes heart disease or something like that. I bought floss after she told me this but I’ve only used it a couple times. I stare at the floss while I brush my teeth but after I brush my teeth I check my phone and see that I am almost late for work, meaning there is 2 minutes until my scheduled Leaving Time and I still have to put on my shoes and lock the door once I’m outside. I determine I do not have time to eat any more granola cereal.

I walk outside and instantly feel more relaxed. The sky is a milky blue, the sky is mixed with something soft, the sidewalk feels good and real beneath me, I slam my boots down on it just for fun. My headphones are in and I bob my head even though people are walking all around me. I don’t care if they stare. I will never see these people again and even if I do I don’t care because I have more important things to think about. Breath. I check my phone. 8 minutes until 10am. I estimate it will take me 6 minutes to arrive on the fifth floor of the Engineering Building and walk into Carly’s office. I cross 5 streets and then I am on campus because I work at my school and I live close to school because I thought it would be convenient, even if I have a curtain for a wall and I see my ex-girlfriend and her new girlfriend all the time and when I can recognize that they are walking towards me before they recognize me I turn the other direction and sometimes I will run, I literally run out of their view so I can walk home without confronting them, even though we would just smile at each other and it would be over I know I would be sort of thinking about seeing them for the rest of the day and all night. Breath. Not in that focused meditative way but in that back of your mind bobbing to the surface with regularity echo bouncing around your skull kind of way, and I don’t want that. Maybe since I ran I won’t think about them today. Breath. It could be a normal day.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Here, and Awake.

I'm looking for the people who've got the feeling I'm afraid to lose, who are afraid they'll lose it, too. Do you know what I mean? I'm talking gold dust on the flower petals in the spring, sunlight you can touch kind of shit, but you can't get there with a drug. Less of a rush and more of a slow climb, I am looking for the people with the yes still in their fists, or, better yet, two open palms.

Are you out there, too? Is it more to you, than being young? Don't you feel like it won't die, this need to learn, and feel, and engage, but only bulk up and away? 20 years old, this is only the beginning, I can't wait to be alive when I've figured even more shit out. And by figured even more shit out, I mean, unfigured more shit out-- abandoned more of the old ideas that keep me from living authentically, so in each new experience, I'm born all over again. Forgive me for the oddly religious imagery, but, maybe there's a reason for that.

The idea that there's a point to what happens, to everything, that it's taking you somewhere. Do you know what I mean? Can you sense when the world spins with extra weight? Selfishness as caring for what happens to yourself, to paying attention to it all the time, to building it consciously into something worthy, and then, letting it do its thing, releasing control for the night. In the morning, you wake up, open eyes, start again.

Do you love the way she moves? Or maybe he moves, but, fuck, the way SHE moves. And I don't mean in the corner of some dingy bar, wasted out of her mind, lost to a warped reality you could never really be a part of anyway, dancing on stale beer, no. I'm talking the way she moves in the afternoon, around her kitchen, washing dishes, limp wrists as she's pouring out soap, shoulders tense up as she shoves the sponge into the plates, patiently wiping the fronts and backs of her hands on the towel hanging from the shelf below. The slow way she remembers you're sitting behind her, the slow way she smiles when she remembers the way you watch her. Do you worship the human body alive, the way I do? Does it make you want to write, or sing, something?

Do you want to be awake? Would you throw yourself into uncomfortable social situations repeatedly, in hopes of finding a friend who thinks the same? So you can get together, talk, and create? Do you want the imagery to come back to your mind? Do you want a partner in the digging? We are getting farther from childlike wonder all the time, but I'm not about to lose it, now. Come crawling through the darkness with me to find the splotches of light left in our ransacked minds, because that's what we did, we ransacked them-- with bags of weed and vodka shots and Facebook likes, with too much time with people who were too little, who didn't care the right way, with apathy, with self-harm in all its forms, with wasted potential and wasted time. We can't afford to lose any more of ourselves to a failure to focus.

Be here with me. I want to be here, and awake. Are you awake the way that I am? Let me know. It's good, and important, but it's lonely.

Seeking other open-minded, self-conscious, and creative folk, with a dedication to ultimate kindness and sacrifice, when the time is right.

The Go-To List.

Okay, so let's say you're having a perfectly normal evening, just hanging out by yourself, eating some plain cheese because that's all you have left in your fridge even though it doesn't expire till July, and then some shit happens. I don't know what this shit it, but some of it happens. You probably saw something on someone's SnapChat story you didn't want to see. Your friend bailed on your plans for the day. All of your exes got together and had a party to celebrate not dating you anymore and put all the pictures up on Facebook. Whatever the reason, tonight sucks, and you now feel physical pain above the spot where your actual heart is. The fact that this heart pain is purely psychosomatic only makes you resent yourself more deeply.

We all have nights like this. Or, at least I do, and so do other people I know in person. And you can try to run away from the heart pain (bad move), or "confront" it, whatever that really means. I feel like "confronting" for most people ends up just being, like, throwing a tantrum so the emotional release tricks you into thinking you've actually resolved something. Making a mess out of situations that don't need to be messed. Does that make sense? I think actual confrontation is less about aggression and more about stillness. Which brings me to The Go-To List.

The Go To List is what it sounds like. When you're sad, you've got some jazz that you Go To. Stuff that makes you laugh or brings the world back into focus, returns some much needed perspective to your deal. Stuff that you organically, passionately dig, stuff that makes you happy no matter what. And the whole time you're watching/listening/reading, you acknowledge you're upset about something-- you just sit with it, observe it happening to you, don't freak out or anything. Don't make it more than it needs to be, but don't minimize it, either. Just feel it as it is. Take those feelings 10 minutes at a time. And while you're taking those feelings 10 minutes at a time, keep yourself sane with a Go To.

Here's my list of Go To stuff, in case you need inspiration/a template. I have put the General Mood in parentheses so nobody ends up watching some heavy/real shit when they were hoping for something light.

1. Black Sheep Music Video from Scott Pilgrim. (light)
2. Hurling Crowbirds at Mockingbars, by Buddy Wakefield. (heavy)
3. Marceline The Vampire Queen. (light)
4. This is Water, by David Foster Wallace. (heavy as fuck)
5. Lorde singing Buzzcut Season. (light)
6. Coke Money, by Natasha Leggero. (light)
7. Anything involving Anna Kendrick. (light)
8. You Should Date an Illiterate Girl, by Charles Warnke. (heavy)
9. Girl Walk All Day, Especially Part 3. (light)
10. Solo Valentine's Day, by Megan Amram. (light)
11. Leslie Knope Complimenting Anne Perkins. (light)
12. Left Brain Right Brain, by Bo Burnham. (light-ish?)
13. Literally any song by James Blake. (JAMES BLAKE)
14. That one scene in Jennifer's Body. (light)
15. Hartbig. (light/go watch DailyGrace)
16. Really innovative drag routines. (hot)
17. Grimes Performing Live on KEXP. (light)
18. Valentine, by Jessie Ware & Sampha. (light)
19. Lesbian Disney Princesses. (I mean)
20. Music Video for Latch by Disclosure. (ADORABLE)

Don't you guys feel better now? I feel WAY better after making that list. I feel like $27 bucks! Before I felt like, 43 pennies. The Internet is a magical resource.

When you're sad, go to the art you love. It will remind you who you are-- it'll take you out of that weird ass space you got yourself in and back to the space where you know what you want and where you're going, even if it's just a vague feeling, an unidentifiable force. What you really care about will get you through.

The 21st Go To is the new Kitty song, because Kitty.